Wi-Fi Network Connection Monitoring Control System

Focus on the security management requirement of WiFi network and terminals. WFMT series Wi-Fi Monitoring & Control System can provide real time Wi-Fi network communication status monitoring and communication control


  • Safety and reliability with stable hardware and software
  • Fast control to one or more designated AP, hotspot or terminal without interfere with other equipment
  • Environmental with passive monitoring and low radiation blocking control

Main Functions

  • WiFi communication monitoring
  • Monitoring the WiFi communication status of AP, hotspot and terminals
  • WiFi AP or hotspots block
  • Selectively block the target Wi-Fi AP or hotspot, to block all terminals’ connection to the blocked hotspots.
  • Wi-Fi terminal block
  • Selectively block the target Wi-Fi terminal to block its connection to any AP or hotspot.
  • Whitelist Management
  • Preset whitelist AP, hotspot and terminal can be selectively release to WiFi connection.  All other AP, hotspot and terminal except in the whitelist
  • Information collection
  • Name of AP and hotspot
  • MAC address of AP, hotspot and terminal,AP and hotspot
  • Connection status of AP, hotspot and terminal
  • Information collection time

Main Specifications

  • Target: Terminals with WiFi function (Mobile phone, pad, laptop etc.)
  • Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz & 5.8 GHz
  • Covering range (Typ.) : 100m (with directional antenna) , 30m (with omnidirectional antenna)
  • Block Rate: 100% (in effective range) , Communication: TCP/IP
  • Power consumption: 18W (Max.)
  • Working temperature: 0℃-40℃ (ambient temperature)
  • Store temperature: -25℃-75℃ (ambient temperature)
  • Connector: N-Female, SMA-Female (50ohm), RJ45
  • WFMC-F
  • WFMC-P
  • Power supply
  • 12VDor 220VAV
  • 12VDC
  • Dimension(mm)
  • 80*80*33
  • 250*180*65
  • Weight
  • ≤1kg
  • ≤2kg
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