AR-P01 UAV Warning and Positioning System

8-array element antenna array is applied in this system, covering 0.8 GHz - 6 GHz frequencies. With excellent amplitude and phase consistency and little antenna mutual coupling effect, the system offers high direction finding accuracy and good anti-jamming capability in the actual environment. Even when there are lots of reflected signals, the system also can provide accurate azimuth.


As the high-performance receiving device is employed, the scanning speed reaches 20GHz/s (RBW > 10 KHZ) and the dynamic range is +10dBm – 120dBm, which provides the guaranteed basic data foundation for finding the weak signals in the distance. And combining the optimized direction-finding algorithm, the system is able to rapidly find drones and locate them , and then track them stably by automatically detecting their communication frequency changes.

Technical characteristics

  • The system can find drones, near or far. The effective monitoring distance is 10m - 5000 m;
  • Direction finding sensitivity ≤10dBµV/m, direction finding accuracy≤3°(RMS);
  • It can track both the drones and the operators, which can be employed in a variety of applications;
  • With high level automation, the system can position the targets directly through automatic detecting, direction finding and tracking;
  • The system can identify several drones simultaneously as well as their manufacturers and types;
  • The system can work with single machine or network, providing excellent expansibility;
  • Thanks to its high integration and integrated design, the system is easy to carry and install, and can be carried and operated by a single person;
  • System costs low and is suitable for being distributed at many points to enlarge the effective monitoring scope;
  • The system provides expansion interfaces to realize linkage with jamming counter equipment.

Main Indicator

Monitoring frequency range 800MHz—6000MHz
Single observer ranging accuracy ≤10%R
Detection range ≤5km ( transmitting power >o.1W)
Multi-station positioning accuracy ≤5%R
Frequency hopping interception capability 3000hop/s
Power supply 220V AC
Frequency hopping orientation capability   200µs   
Power ≤100W
Direction finding accuracy ≤3°(RMS)  
Physical dimension 400mm*300mm
Direction finding sensitivity ≤10dBµV/m
Weight <=10kg

Automatic reconnaissance mode

When the system boots, the automatic reconnaissance mode will be activated automatically without human intervention to discriminate the suspected UAV signals in the detection range around the clock and effectively

Target locking and tracking

After identifying the UAV signal, the System will automatically enter into locking and tracking mode to locate the UAV, mark its real-time flight path on the map, automatically lock the UAV’s communication frequency switching and force the drone to land through the linkage with the jamming equipment.

Record and playback mode

The system can automatically record all the data along the process of finding the drones, including UAV model, time, flight path and, process action, and reconstruct what happened afterwards through its record and playback function.

Multi-target identification tracking

Multiple target detection, identification, tracking, low false alarm rate.

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