Anti UAV system

The system uses advanced electronic countermeasures technology, by interfering with UAV remote control, map transmission, navigation information, it can effectively remove or force landing the drones in the area, and ensure the safety of low-altitude airspace. The system can be applied to Low altitude security for no-fly zones as party and government organs, important meeting places, prison detention centers, airports, power stations and military bases.

Technical Parameters

  • Using high frequency broadband interference technology, can effectively intercept the UAV within sight range.
  • Wide frequency coverage, suitable for all kinds of UAVS and modified models.
  • High interference efficiency and range coverage is far. The interference takes less than 3 seconds.
  • Built-in light and high capacity lithium battery to ensure long time stability of equipment.
  • Multi-occasion, long work with charging battery or ac power supply mode.
  • Miniature design and light body. It can be shouldered and portable by solo.
  • The system is designed by three-phase integration, easy to install and disassemble quickly.

Product Details

The system mainly includes: VSA Thub station (fix/transportable), terminals (Drive-away, on-the-move, portable terminal). The whole system adopts three-level network management, which consists of state level, canton level and station level to realize satellite resource optimal allocation and high efficient use of terminal stations. It can also be designed and constructed according to the requirements of the customers.

Technical Parameters

  • Frequency GPS L1、900MHz、2.4GHz、5GHz、5.8GHz
  • Intervening Timeless than 3 seconds
  • Interference Functionflight control, navigation, map transmission
  • Built-in Battery12V 10A (work continuously for1 hour)
  • Interceptdrive away or make an emergency landing
  • External Power Source100v~240v
  • Output Power(±1Bm)35 dBm
  • Weight6kg
  • Interference distance≥1000m
  • Dimension320×50×160mm(L*W*H)
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