Defence capability

The country needs a defence capability as insurance against the unexpected.

Mainly used for surveillance and found near field, such as the individual, people, cars, tanks, military vehicles, helicopters and ships and other moving targets.

Video surveillance system can be used for boundary detection and surveillance, airport surveillance, illegal intrusion monitoring in important places. In the military field, proximity warning radar called battlefield reconnaissance radar, with short-range battlefield reconnaissance capability.

Proximity warning radar

  • Find the ground, sea or low altitude moving target
  • Determine the coordinates of the target and guide the photoelectric system
  • With PPI, B display and three-dimensional digital map three display mode

Database technology

Through the establishment and development of a powerful database, you can automatically detect the activities of terrorists in different countries.Through fingerprint identification technology and multimedia technology, such as face recognition technology and image comparison technology, to prevent terrorist activities to provide great help.


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