Mini Synthetic Aperture Radar

Miniaturized siynthetic aperture radar(SAR) is a high performance SAR system designed and developed for low altitude flight platform. Under the premise of satisfying SAR performance, realize the miniaturization, light weight, low power consumption and high integration of the system. In order to meet the requirement of all-day and all-weather service, and to suit for small uav and high speed ammunition platform.

Technical specification

  • High integration of radio frequency circuit technology and multi-function digital circuit technology.
  • High resolution imaging is achieved by carrying broadband signal.
  • High-capacity SAR raw-data storage.
  • High parallelism, large throughput, capable of real-time imaging processing.
  • Integrated design, simple electromechanical interface.
  • Instant imaging, easy to operate.

Application scenarios

  • SUAV reconnaissance and surveillance
  • Civil topographic mapping
  • Border patrol
  • Military application
  • Surface oil detection
  • Forest fire detection

Performance index

Frequency 9.6GHz
Pulse repetition frequency  1 KHz
Operating distance ≤5km
Range resolution  0.3m
Azimuth Resolution  0.1m
Signal bandwidth 500MHz
Modulation waveform   serrasoid modulator LFMCW
Product Dimensions 240mm*140mm*50mm
Weight  <5kg
System Consumption  <75w

Imaging result

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