AR500-S Near-field Warning Radar

The maps and display plugins attached to our Near-field Warning Radar are for demonstration purposes only and are strictly prohibited for any commercial purpose. If you need to use the maps, please contact the professional mapping company to develop special maps or pay the relevant copyright fees before you use them. The user is responsible for the copyright disputes arising from the misuse of the maps attached to the radar for commercial purposes.

Product Overview

AR500-R radar is mainly used for monitoring and detecting the near fields, such as human, vehicles and other moving targets. Combined with the video system, it can be used for border surveillance as well as the defense of the important and particular areas around oil pipes, airports, prisons and military camps.

Main functions

  • Finding the moving targets on the ground;
  • Flat panel display mode and 2D digital map display mode;
  • Determining the target’s location, distance, speed, longitude and latitude, etc;
  • Display of the targets’ track;
  • Recording and data playback;
  • Output of the targets’ data;
  • With an attached electronic map, on which early warning zones can be set and the target can be displayed in real time.

Optional functions

  • Linkage with other optical equipment;
  • Multiple radar networks


  • The use of innovative signal processing technology and data processing technology including full-phase pulse Doppler MTI technology, ultra-near distance blind area technology, ground clutter suppression technology and other new technologies, which have greatly improved the clutter suppression ability and moving target detection capability
  • The antenna with the newest composite material, which has improved the antenna performance and lowered the antenna weight
  • All the hardware circuit with building block design, which has improved the reliability and maintainability of the whole device;
  • Produced through the military manufacturing process and applicable in the harsh natural environment such as low temperature, high temperature, hot and humid, rain, snow, etc.
  • Small in size, light in weight, either portable or installed at any height from 3m to 20m

Main Technical Index

Detection distance human ≥0.8Km ; vehicle≥1.5Km
Detection angle horizontal ±15°, vertical ±10°
Angular accuracy ±1°
Velocity range 1m/s~60m/s(3.6km/h~216km/h)
Distance resolution 3m
 Power supply: (Adapter) DC12Vor AC220V
Power consumption ≤30W
Weight 3.6kg
Dimension 300*200*85mm
Working temperature -20~+50℃
Communication interface Ethernet or RS-422

Key Technology

  • Ultra-near distance blind area technology

  • The short-distance blind area of traditional radar is determined by the width of the transmitting pulse. This project adopts the innovative ultra-close blind area technology to make the short-distance blind area smaller than the width of transmitting pulse.
  • Ground clutter filtering and low-speed small target detection technology

  • The near-field warning radar is often needed to detect the such small target as a single soldier moving slowly in the jungle. The jungle background also moves and changes with the wind. This project adopts the innovative signal processing technology for clutter suppression, which can effectively find the low-speed small target in the background of complex terrain The field environmental tests show that it is possible to accurately detect the target human walking at a speed of more than 2.5km/h and give early warning. Thanks to the effective ground clutter suppression, there is hardly any virtual object displayed on the radar.
  • Target classification recognition technology

  • The targets of this radar include human, cars and so on. In order to fulfill the demand of the application, the system should classify and recognize the targets. This project adopts a new target recognition algorithm to categorize the different targets and display the targets with different icons.
  • Digital map and track processing technology

  • The traditional radar only has P display and B display, and only the professional personnel can operate the radar. With the newest digital map technology, this near-filed warning radar can provide real-time display on the map, and the users can set alarm zone and non-detection areas on the map. It can provide sound-light alarm as well. The track of the target can be displayed on the map through complex algorithms and processing techniques. Even non-professionals can operate this radar through simple training.
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