AR10-R Near-field Warning Radar

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Product Overview

AR10-R near-field warning radar is mainly used for monitoring and detecting near field, such as soldiers, crowds, cars, tanks, various ships and warships and other moving targets. It can be used for border detection and surveillance, airport surveillance, important places’ illegal intrusion surveillance. In the military field, this near-field warning radar is also called battlefield search radar.

This product is capable of battlefield reconnaissance

  • Finding the moving target on the ground or at sea;
  • Determining the coordinate position of the target detected ;
  • Displays of PPI, B-Disp image and digital map

Main Indicator

Working mode Ground mode (near and remote)
Operating system Full-phase linear frequency modulation continuous wave radar
Working frequency Ku-band
Maximum effective coverage area
(Detection probability: 80%; False alarm probability: 1×10-6)
Human (RCS=0.5 m2): ≥1500m
Vehicles (RCS=10 m2): ≥3500m
Maximum radial detection speed 3km/h~120km/h
Short-distance blind section ≤20m
Resolution of azimuth measurement:   15° (design assurance)
Resolution of distance measurement: ≤15m (design assurance)
Azimuth precision ≤7° (design assurance)
Distance accuracy ≤3m (design assurance)
Working mode of antenna beam Azimuth: 360° continuous scanning or arbitrary sector scanning;
scanning speed: 6°/s,12°/s and 18°/s;
Pitch: non-adjustable
Antenna parameter Antenna gain: ≥23dB (design assurance)
Beam width: azimuth ≤7±0.5°,
pitch ≤10±0.5°(design assurance)
Pulse peak emission power ≤5W (design assurance)
External communication interface Ethernet interface
Power supply DC 24V(23~27V) power supply; average power consumption is less than 35W and the boot instantaneous current is less than 1.5A
Dimension 370mm diameter, 380mm height
Weight less than 11kgs

External Interface

Aviation connector type: Y50P-1412ZJ10L2; mating connector: Y50P-1412TK1L2-12.5

Pin No. Signal Name Definition Remarks
1 TX+(ET) Ethernet transmitter+  
2 TX-(ET) Ethernet transmitter-  
3 RX+(ET) Ethernet receiver+  
4 BANK1(ET) Ethernet backup  
5 BANK2(ET) Ethernet backup  
6 RX-(ET) Ethernet receiver-  
7 BANK3(ET) Ethernet backup  
8 BANK4(ET) Ethernet backup  
9 +24V 24(positive) input  
10 +24V 24(positive) input  
11 GND 24(ground) input  
12 GND 24(ground) input  
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