Near Field Warning Radar KU Band

AR10 NFWR is mainly used for monitoring and detecting near field, such as soldiers, crowds, cars, tanks, military vehicles, helicopters, various ships and other moving targets. Combined with the video system, it can be used for border detection and surveillance, airport surveillance, important places’ illegal intrusion surveillance. In the military field, Near Field warning radar is called battle-field search radar which has the ability of short-range battlefield detection.

The main functions of this radar

  • Finding the moving target on the ground, at sea, or at a low altitude.
  • Determining the location of the target and guiding the optoelectronic system.
  • Three display modes of PPI, B Indicator and 3D map.

Optional Functions:

  • Radar can work in linkage with the optical equipment.
  • Wireless data transmission equipment can achieve the aim of remote transmission and control.

Technical Index

  • Related Parameter Parameter Values
  • Radar Operating System Full Phase Pulse Doppler MTI Radar
  • Working FrequencyKu-band
  • Detection Rang
    Detection Probability ≥90%
    False Alarm Probability≤ 10-6
    Armed Soldiers:Walk≥7km,Crawl≥3km
    Light Vehicles:≥15km
    Helicopter :≥20km
    Ship(≤100 tons):≥10km
    Naval Vessels(500 tons):≥30km
  • Short-distance Blind Section Short-range Mode≤150m
    Remote Mode≤3000m
  • Detecting Precision Distance≤3.75m;Azimuth Angle≤1°
  • Resolving PowerDistance≤11.25m; Azimuth Angle≤1.4°
  • Scanning-style of antennaAzimuth Angle:Continuous scanning in 360° or arbitrary sector scanning,Scanning Speed: 6°/s,12°/s and 18°/s.
    Pitch:Constant angle, Control Range: -15°~+15°
  • Peak Power≤8W
  • AlarmSupports alarm zone setting and alarm voice output of arbitrary polygon.
  • TrackingSupports 10~30 automatic tracking.
  • External Communication Interface10M/100M Ethernet interface, TCP/IP protocol
  • The maximal length between the display and the radar host.≥50m
  • Power SupplyDC 24V(23~27V) Power Supply
    The average power is less than 90W and the current at switch is less than 6A.
  • Machine Weight ≤30kg

The Features and Advantages of Product

  • Ku-band Coherent Pulse Doppler Radar, Moving Target Detection Radar。
  • The use of innovative signal processing technology and data processing technology which including Coherent Pulse Doppler MTI technology, ultra-near distance blind area technology, ground clutter suppression technology (Ground clutter suppression≥45dB) and other new technologies greatly improved the clutter suppression ability and moving target detection capability.
  • The antenna with the latest carbon fiber material improved the antenna strength and reduced the weight of antenna.
  • All the hardware circuit with building block design improved the reliability and maintainability of the machine.
  • The new original structure of radar turntable offers high reliability and light-weight. 
  • As for the assembly and dis-assembly of radar, its ground-breaking lock structure makes it is possible to complete the act of assembly and dis-assembly within 5 minutes.
  • All-weather: It can work normally in the day, at night and under various weather conditions.
  • Omni-direction: It can achieve the function of radars networking so that extends the radar warning coverage and controls the overall situation.
  • Location and Tracking: Using PPI image, B Display image and digital map to determine the coordinate position (orientation, distance, speed, etc.) of the target spotted.

Application Field

The core of AR10 NFWR Near Field Warning Radar System is radar and the supporting radar control and display software. The company can provide users a complete solution. NFWR Near Field Warning Radar System can be used for many fields including the proactive protection of frontier and coast defense, anti-terrorist, nuclear power generation facility, seaport supervision areas, coastal seawater high-end culture zone, the core area of nature protection area, as well as security monitoring for oil field, airport, business centre and other key areas.

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