Multi Illumination Radar

Multi Illumination Low Attitude Radar Monitor Technology


  • No need frequency application, flexible deployment
  • Complementary with other monitor method
  • Natural ability of low attitude coverage
  • Broadcast network and radar network fuse together
  • Slow lens , strong target detection ability
  • Base on national condition, independent innovation
  • High positioning accuracy, uniformly distributed
  • Typical civil-military integration
  • Network wide-area surveillance, low cost coverage
  • Great market potential

Technical Specifications

  • Detecting distance: 5km (consumer UAV) 40~100km (manned aircraft)
  • Positioning accuracy : 10m (consumer UAV) 40m (manned aircraft)
  • Data update rate : Not less than 1 time per second
  • Electromagnetic compatibility : No electromagnetic radiation, no frequency application needed
  • Networking ability : Receiving station expandable, multiple information can be fused
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