Ground Surveillance Radar C Band

SW-R6E is a reconnaissance and monitoring system with multi-target display and TWS&TAS functions, since the System is adjacent to enemy and works in complicated EM environment, it has LPI and anti-jamming functions. The targets(usually crowds and vehicles) can be classified roughly, i.e. the type (including individual soldier, a crowd of soldiers, individual vehicle, a crowd of vehicles, aircraft) can be identified based on echo strength and target moving speed, and the system monitors the activities of tracked targets (specially individual solider, moving soldier crowd, moving vehicles, boat/ship, low-altitude penetration armed helicopter), including the location and track, and conducts target identification and automatic warning.


System Objectives

The proposed system combined with electro-optical system adopts frequency modulated continuous wave system, which is used to search, monitor, track and warn against moving targets such as person, troops, vehicles, boat/ship and low-altitude armed helicopter etc. in monitoring area. It can detect, identify the target type & threat level and give warning automatically. Besides, the system can take full advantages of radar with long-range detection and electro-optical system with image identification, to realize the functions of target detection & identification and threat & false alarm clear etc., so that it can relieve the monitor stress of soldiers at the frontline to improve the monitor efficiency. Typical applications are as following:

  • Tactical intelligence gathering: the system can be deployed at the frontline as well as on vehicles to provide intelligence surveillance service for the combat unit, in order to increase the situational awareness, boot fire attack, and improve battle effectiveness, thus decrease the injuries and deaths. The system is able to track the targets stably under severe weather to guarantee combat capability of the forces.
  • Border surveillance: monitor enemy force rally and vehicle maneuvering, monitor and warn against sneak attack of small forces.
  • Special-police reconnaissance: used by special police to search criminals in special situations, such as dealing with stealthily cross, checking arms smuggling.
  • Coast defense surveillance: distributed along the coastline to monitor ship maneuvering.
  • Battlefield reconnaissance: used by armored forces and mechanized infantry for all day and all weather reconnaissance and situation monitoring.


  • Small volume and light weight which is easy for the single soldier to carry. The equipment can be used in the areas such as border, mountain, plateau, seaside, island and desert etc. complex and adverse terrain area. The equipment can also be transported by vehicle in the area where the vehicle can reach.
  • Advanced techniques: complete solid state, full-coherent, safe with low output power and LPI function, capable to detect very low speed moving targets to achieve extra high specifications.
  • Powerful anti-jamming capability by adopting linear FM continuous wave system, constant false alarm rate (CFAR), MTI (moving target indication) and MTD (moving target detection) techniques.
  • Quick response: Able to detect the moving targets up to 1500m within 8 seconds, and combine with electro-optical system to track and identify the targets within 30 seconds.
  • Adopting mature advanced techniques, modularization design, and strict components selection, to ensure high reliability.
  • Easy-to-operate: high automatic operation, single soldier can set up the radar within 5 minutes, flexible HMI (human-machine-interface), supporting unattended duty and remote-control interface available.
  • Extra high capacity battery and low power consumption achieves very long operational time in field.
  • Digital maps optional.
  • High cost-effective, single radar can cover the areas up to 1
  • km2. The cost-effectiveness takes great advantages of both
  • radar and electro-optical system comparing with only using other optical equipments such as visible, micro and infrared etc.
  • Adaptable hard environment such as sandstorm. In hard environment such as sandstorm, the equivalent clutter caused by sand wouldn’t affect the performance of system.

system description

System Composition

Physically, the proposed system is composed of antenna unit, Tx&Rx unit, signal processing unit, battery, display terminal, tripod and electro-optical system, as shown in Fig.2.

Vehicle-Carried Operation

It is easy for SW-R6C to be mounted in the container of light-duty vehicle after simple retrofit, and the container could be equipped with an enclosed cover, besides, the front seat could be retrofitted as operation cabinet. In the container, a hydraulic lifting mast can be installed in container, and the radar will be mounted on the mast. Under the non operation status, the hydraulic mast is retracted. During operating, open the container and lift the radar, adjust the height of the mast and pointing of radar for operating.

Under the vehicle-carried mode, radar could be powered by Li-ion battery, or onboard DC24V power supply.


The system provides Li-ion batteries for the system. Adopts complete water proof designing and the maximum working time of single battery is more than 10 hours.

Display Terminal

Display terminal is to conduct data log-in, data information processing, digital Maps display, flight path fusing displaying and system control function with friendly HMI for operator.

The running environment is

  • Software: Operating system: Windows 7/XP
  • Hardware: The laptop: dual core, more than 1.5G
    Hard disk: more than 120G
    Memory: 4G

HMI Software Maps

  • Support BMP, JPEG and Geo TIFF Map file formats
  • Main map display area with scan sector of radar and FOV indicator of camera
  • Pop out dialog for target information
  • Targets are clearly identified as markers overlaid onto a background map with key characteristics of target available for a mouse click, including target location and speed
  • User can select the duration of "snail-trail" tracks that are displayed, allowing the path of the target to be plotted and predicted
  • Support creation of warning area up to four zones in polygons, and define the detection velocity range and threat level for each warning zone
  • An intruder entering an alert zone will generate a visible and audible alarm thereby alerting the operator to the event


  • Detection Range: Effective range  Crawling person: 1.5km  Walking person: 3.0km  Typical vehicle: 5.0km
    Min. detection range:30m
  • Speed Measuring Range: 1.8km/h ~ 120 km/h
  • Accuracy (R. M. S.): Range accuracy: ≤1m
    Azimuth accuracy:≤3°
  • Resolution: Range resolution: ≤1m
    Azimuth resolution: ≤3°
  • Blind Range: ≤30m
  • Weight: ≤10Kg (Excluding battery and tripod)
  • Power Supply Capability: More than 10 hours
  • System Set-up/Dismantle Time: ≤5 minutes by single soldier
  • Display Capability: A more than 10inch color LCD is configured with radar for log-in data display, digital Map display, operating status display and fault information display, etc.
  • Reliability and Maintenance:
  • MTBF: MTBF:≥2000 hours.
  • MTTR: MTTR: ≤30 minutes
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