Area Wireless communication Control System

Aerial mobile phone and WiFi communication monitoring & control. Independent internal wireless communication network support communicating with public network


Growing use of mobile phone and WiFi brings threats and risks,while bringing convenience. To some important areas, such as prison, military area, VIP area, conference room and other restricted areas, the use of mobile phone and WiFi needs to be under strictly control or forbidden.

It provides a smart Area Wireless Communication Control System solution to solve the conflict between area wireless communication limitation and internal wireless communication requirement.

Optional Functions:

  • Radar can work in linkage with the optical equipment.
  • Wireless data transmission equipment can achieve the aim of remote transmission and control.


  • Improve the communication safety of the Outside Inside key regions
  • Improve the efficiency of security management
  • Reduce the success rate of risk events
  • Improve the efficiency of cost

PDT System


Area Wireless Communication Control System is composed of monitoring & control center,radio jamming system , mobile phone communication monitoring & control system , WiFi communication monitoring& control system , PDT encrypted communication system, command &dispatch system , RFID/GPS locating system.


  • Radio signal(GSM ,CDMA,3G,4G,WiFi ,Bluetooth,GPS...)
  • jamming
  • Mobile phone communication monitoring & control
  • WiFi communication monitoring & control
  • PDT encrypted communication enable internal & external communication under control
  • Visual mission command and dispatch
  • RFID/GPS locating to the internal staffs and visitors

Application Field

The core of AR10 NFWR Near Field Warning Radar System is radar and the supporting radar control and display software. The company can provide users a complete solution. NFWR Near Field Warning Radar System can be used for many fields including the proactive protection of frontier and coast defense, anti-terrorist, nuclear power generation facility, seaport supervision areas, coastal seawater high-end culture zone, the core area of nature protection area, as well as security monitoring for oil field, airport, business centre and other key areas.


  • Strong manage and control ability with multi-system integration
  • Visual intuitive whole situation display based on E-map
  • Modular design and standard interface support flexible expand to other applications
  • High reliability and environmental adaptability
  • Real time working all-weather and all-day
  • Easy operation and maintenance with remote monitoring and control ability
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