Emergency Satellite Communication System

Based on ANOVOVSAT system, Emergency Satellite Communication System(ESCS) can quickly establish communication links between remote area and command center through the satellite. This system can provide emergency image and voice communication, especially under the condition of terrestrial network failure. ESCS can be used by military and government to realize battle field communication and commanding, target tracking, emergency rescuing, etc.

Main Features

The main composition of the proposed microwave ADS is shown as below, and the sytem block diagram is shown as Fig.1:

  • Supply of VoIP , Video and Data Transmission
  • Quick Link Construction
  • Multiple Network Topology Self-adaption
  • High Stability
  • Strong Network Management Capability

System Composition

The system mainly includes: VSAT hub station (fix/transportable), terminals (Drive-away, on-the-move, portable terminal). The whole system adopts three-level network management, which consists of state level, can ton level and station level to realize satellite resource optimal allocation and high efficient use of terminal stations. It can also be designed and constructed according to the requirements of the customers.

Product Details

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