TCS-RMDF3000 All-weather Unattended Radio Monitoring DF System

Design of IP66 level dust-proof, water-proof and anti-salt spray, TL-RMF3000 is suitable for monitoring and DF of radio signals in border, coastal, key points and other harsh environment.


  • Multi-station joint use, achieving target locating and tracking
  • lp66 design with dust-proof, water-proof and anti-salt spray design
  • Simple structure and modular integrated design
  • All-weather unattended operation with remote networking monitoring and control



  • Remote measure parameters of radio signals:
  • frequency, frequency different level, field intensity,
  • occupied bandwidth and modulation degree
  • Scan and monitor a designated frequency band or multi discrete frequency, display spectrum diagrams and waterfall curves and conduct statistics to time occupancy
  • Demodulate, monitor and record the radio signals such as FM, AM, LSB, USB and CW

Establishing electromagnetic environment database

  • Generate radio frequency spectrum environment background signal sample database by long-term frequency band scanning
  • Capability of editing, deleting, importing and exporting signal database and dangerous signal database

Automatic warning and reporting on the suspicious signals

  • Compare signals with database automatically, find target signal (new signal, dangerous signal, suspicious signal) and warn by sound or color prompt 
  • Provide the target signal identification list based on specified time interval and repo时 it to supervisors in real time

DF and location

  • DF of the designated signals and drew direction indication lines on electronic map
  • Multi station joint direction and real-time cross locating

Remote system status monitoring, control and Maintenance

  • Power on/off the equipment and monitor the environment of equipment room remotely: smoke, door & window displacement, voltage, current, temperature, humidity and room video image
  • monitor the status of the host, antenna and multi-station networking remotely
  • Support remote updating of system software

Electronic map


Monitoring and DF

  • Monitoring frequency: 30MHz 3000MHz
  • DF frequency: 40MHz田3000MHz
  • Processable signal bandwidth: 150Hz四25MHz
  • Monitoring and scanning speed:
  • ≥3GHz/s (25kHz frequency resolution)
  • Minimum DF time:≤5ms
  • Modulation identification: CW, AM, FM, BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK (SNR 20dB)
  • Monitoring sensitivity:≤ 15µV/m (S/N=6dB, BW=6kHz)
  • DF system: single-channel correlation interferometer
  • DF sensitivity: ≤30µV/m (S/N=6dB, BW=6kHz, 40MHz-150MHz), ≤µV/m (S/N=6dB, BW=6kHz, 150MHz-2000MHz), ≤30µV/m (S/N=6dB, BW=6kHz, 2000MHz-3000MHz)
  • DF accuracy: ≤6°r.m.s (40MHz-150MHz), ≤2°r.m.s (150MHz-3000MHz)

Environmental suitability

  • Storage temperature: -20°C-+65。C
  • Working temperature: -10"C-+55℃
  • Humidity: 95%
  • Salt spray: meeting GJB150.11-86 standard
  • MTBF: >2000 hours (design guarantee)
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