TCS-RADIO Maritime Radio Monitoring DF System

Integrated with monitoring control center, shipborne radio monitoring station, shore-based monitoring station and small island-reef station, maritime radio monitoring & DF system can monitoring and master the use of radio frequency spectrum in major waters area, ports and islands.


  • Unattended operation
  • Strong adaptability to environment
  • Flexible networking and good expandability



  • Monitor, analyze and compare signals within the 156MHz-174MHz maritime communication band warn when abnormal signal detected
  • Multi-channel automatic monitoring and record
  • Signals within 156MHz-174MHz maritime communication band
  • Combined monitoring by multiple radio monitoring and report monitoring data to control statistical analysis, display and storage

Ship/aircraft information search

  • Acquire ship information (nationality, call sign, location, course and speed) to assist in locating the signal source
  • Acquire ADS-B signal and locating the aircrafts

Multidimensional trajectory replaying

  • Multi-dimensional track replaying of track of the ship, time, frequency and record
  • Acquire the feature of interference signal, the time when and the location where the ship rescue communication is interfered

Radar signal search

  • Detect and repo「t parameters of radar signals: type, carrier frequency, PW, azimuth, amplitude, cycle and intercept time
  • Provide signal full-pulse data and frequency table panorama data

Interference location and processing

Interference analysis by comprising monitoring data reported by stations with data in station library and signal library
Locating interference source by analyzing multi-station interference signal intensity

DF and location

Single /multi-station OF and location

Electronic map


Shipborne device

  • • Monitoring frequency range: 20MHz-18GHz
  • Continuous scanning speed: >5GHz (resolution of 25kHz)
  • Monitoring sensitivity: 1OµV /m
  • DF frequency range :20MHz-6GHz
  • OF sensitivity: 1OµV /m
  • Minimum OF time: 1ms
  • DF accuracy: 2。R.M.S

Shore-based/Island-reef Device

  • Monitoring frequency range: 20MHz-18GHz
  • DF frequency  range: 20MHz由18GHz
  • OF accuracy: 20MHz-3GHz运2。R.M.S; 3GHz-18GHz  15。R.M.S
  • Adaptive radar signals: conventional pulse signal, PRI stagger & jitter signal, pulse Doppler signal, frequency-agile signal
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