TCS-CC Radio Monitoring Control Center

Radio monitoring & control center is suitable for national, provincial or municipal level radio monitoring network. It can perform radio monitoring & DF, remote control, data analysis and storage management within the monitoring network.


High-degree automation

  • Task process customization and management
  • Automatic tasks triggered by diverse condition

High-degree intelligentization

  • automatic measurement,  analysis,   comparison, identification,  acquisition  of  signal  conclusion  and warning 

Information Networking

  • Multi-level processing of monitoring data, automatic gathering, storage and management, analysis and statistics

Networked control Management and control based on GIS

  • Display dynamic and real-time status of  the monitoring stations on the map

Complete data statistics and analysis

Statistics and analysis on occupancy, station checking, frequency allocation, field intensity and bearing


Combined monitoring

Multiple radio monitoring stations networking
Report monitoring data to control center for analysis, statistics, display and storage

Remote control

Power on/off the equipment and monitor the environment of equipment room remotely: smoke, door & window displacement, voltage, current, temperature, humidity and room video image

Data statistics

Statistical analysis for the monitoring data stored in control center: frequency occupancy frequency band occupancy, assignable frequencies, situation of regional electromagnetic environment, abnormal frequency warning, etc.

Electronic map

Support kinds of E-maps, such as Maplnfo and MGS (source of map provided by users)

Zoom in and out, roll ,fully disclose, add or delete icons and words and display the azimuth and cross location of the measured signal

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