TCS-C&CO1 Emergency Radio Monitoring and Communication Command Syste

Integrated with radio monitoring control center, emergency radio monitoring, radio management, radio control and communication & command, TCS-C&C01 can respond to emergency and major radio interference rapidly and assist in the radio security and control missions in important activities.


Complete and practical functions

  • Integrated emergency communication & command, emergency radio monitoring,   emergency   radio control center, emergency radio management and emergency radio control
  • Internal and external communication, personnel collaboration, signal scanning and unauthorized signal suppression

Strong access adaptability, compatibility and flexible networking mode

  • Can network with fixed command & control center and various monitoring devices within the emergency area
  • Establish different networks among emergency communication & command vehicle, monitoring vehicle and fixed command & control center under different and requirement

Multiple power supply modes

  • Multiple power supply modes (commercial power supply, automobile generator and UPS) to promise continuous working while moving

Diverse and practical communication systems

Emergency radio monitoring and management


Diverse and practical communication systems

Main Functions


  • Emergency communication among the site vehicle crews and fixed command center by HF/UHF stations, public mobile communication (2G/3G), satellite communication and broadband multimedia cluster base station


  • Issue commands to site personnel by audio/video information


  • Monitoring radio signals by CS C&C01 and networked monitoring equipment

Radio management

  • Utilize data via field radio stations and frequency resources to provide the occupancy of the new radio stations and frequency resources on the site
  • Assign and dispatch the field frequency resources

Radio control

  • Suppression against analog signals, data transmission signals and talkback signals

Main Specifications


  • Satellite: Satcom on the move; provide voice and data services
  • Vehicular wideband media cluster base station: maximum communication rate: 1OOMbps (downlink), 5OMbps (uplink)
  • handheld wideband media cluster base station: audio/video and data transmission, GPS positioning
  • Public mobile communication terminal: 2G/3G
  • HF station: 2MHz-30MH
  • UHF station: 400MHz

·Gateway: PSTN, cluster, wired interconnection


  • Monitoring frequency range:
    2MHz-6GHz (expandable to18GHz or above) DF DF frequency range: 20MHz-3000MHz


  • ·Transmitting frequency: 40MHz 3GHz
    ·Transmitting power: SOW, 1OOW (40MHz叫GHz), 30W(1GHz 3GHz)
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