TCS-3600 Portable Radio Monitoring Equipment

Search and capture radio signals in the 1OOkHz-3.6GHz frequency range, TCS-3600 is suitable for military, security, aeronautics & astronautics, scientific investigation and other complex environment with feature of flexible operation and high automatization.


  • Rapid signal emitter location
  • Easy operation
  • Long battery life
  • Small size, light weight and hand-held operation



  • Measure parameters of radio signals: frequency, frequency difference, level, field intensity, occupied bandwidth and modulation degree
  • Scan and  monitor  a  designated  frequency  band, display spectrum diagrams
  • Monitoring and demodulate radio signals

Tracking & Location

  • Approaching search of interference signals (interference signals for airport electronic equipment)
  • Search of SOS signal
  • Tracking of IED (radio remote control device)
  • Mobile tracking of miniature emission source (radio eavesdropping device)

Networked control

Via LAN port in the receiver, collect and store monitoring data by CS-RM application software


  • Monitoring frequency range: 100KHz-3.6GHz (expandable to 8GHz)
  • Demodulation mode: AM, FM, CW, USB, LSB, PULSE
  • Continuous scanning speed: 3GHz/s (resolution of 25kHz)
  • Monitoring sensitivity:  1-20µV /m
  • Power consumption: < 25W
  • Continuous working: 4 hours
  • Equipment weight: <6kg
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