TCS-805F Tactical Portable Radio Monitoring &DF Station

TCS-805F is a high performance tactical radio signal monitoring and DF system. Based on the concept of rapid set-up and dismantlement, it can be carried and set up by single person and suitable for outdoor use.


  • Small size: easy access to any building louver
  • Light weight: carried and operated by an individual
  • Rapid set-up: 10-minute set up by one person



  • Measure parameters of radio signals:  frequency, frequency difference, level, field intensity, occupied bandwidth and modulation degree
  • Scan and monitor a designated frequency band, display spectrum diagrams and waterfall curves and conduct statistics to time occupancy
  • Scan and monitor multiple discrete frequencies, display spectrum diagrams and waterfall curves and conduct statistics to time occupancy
  • Demodulate, monitor and record radio signals and replay recorded audio

DF and location

  • Conduct DF to designated signals and draw direction indication lines on electronic map
  • Conduct DF to same signal at various locations by one  mobile station  and conduct  virtual  intersection
  • Multi station joint direction and real-time cross

Electronic map

  • Support kinds of Electronic map, such as Map lnfo and MGS (source of map provided by users)
  • Zoom in and out, roll, fully disclose, add or delete icons and words and display the azimuth and cross location of the measured signal

New signal warning

  • Generate electromagnetic spectrum background signal sample during frequency band scanning
  • Warn when new signal found



  • Frequency range: 20MHz-3000MHz Sensitivity: 1-20µV /m
  • Demodulation mode: AM, FM, CW, USB, LSB
  • Continuous scanning speed: 6GHz/s (resolution of 25kHz)

Frequency range: 30MHz-3000MHz
Sensitivity:  1田20µV /m
Accuracy: 2。RMS (nonreflecting standard site)
Minimum DF time: 1ms
Weight of antenna array: 9kg
Portable power supply time: ≥4h

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