TCS-805BH Mobile Radio Monitoring DF Station

Based on high accuracy correlation interferometer DF system and wideband/narrowband monitoring technology, CS-805BH can perform rapid tracking, intelligent monitoring, accurate locating and interference signal detecting while moving.


  • High sensitivity and wide dynamic range
  • Vertical/horizontal dual-polarized DF antenna array
  • Suitable for various types of off-road vehicles and mercial vehicles
  • Flexible power supply solution: commercial power supply, automobile generator or battery
  • Excellent reliability with anti-vibration and rain-proof



  • Measure parameters of radio signals: frequency, frequency difference, level, field intensity, occupied bandwidth and modulation degree
  • Scan and monitor a designated frequency band, display spectrum diagrams and waterfall curves and conduct statistics to time occupancy
  • Scan and monitor multiple discrete frequencies, display spectrum diagrams and waterfall curves and conduct statistics to time occupancy
  • Demodulate, monitor and record radio signals and replay recorded audios

DF and location

  • Conduct DF to designated signals and draw direction indication lines on electronic map

Conduct DF to same signal at various locations by one mobile station and conduct virtual intersection positioning to locate sign

Electronic map

  • Support kinds of Electronic map, such as Maplnfo and MGS (source of map provided by users)
  • Zoo 1 in and out, roll, fully disclose, add or delete icons and words and display the azimuth and cross location of the measured signal

New signal warning

  • Generate electromagnetic spectrum background signal sample during frequency band scanning
  • Warn when new signal found


  • Frequency range: 20MHz-3GHz (expandable to 6GHz)
  • Demodulation mode: AM, FM, CW, USB, LSB
  • Continuous scanning speed: 6GHz/s (resolution of 25kHz)
  • Sensitivity: 1-20µV/m


  • System: Correlation inte斤erometer
  • Frequency range: 30MHz田3GHz (expandable to 6GHz)
  • Sensitivity: 1-20µV /m
  • Accuracy: 2°RMS (nonreflecting standard site)
  • Minimum DF time: 1ms
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