RMDF-H1 Handheld Automatic Radio Monitoring System

As the first handheld radio monitoring & DF equipment in the world, TL-RMH1 integrates the functions of wideband receiver, digital IF unit, full-band DF antenna, electronic compass, Wi-Fi hotspot, OLEO display screen and efficient power supply system.

Concealed Radio Monitoring & DF System


  • Small, light and power-saving
  • Easy to carry and operate with high efficiency
  • With networking expansion, can realize data sharing and networking control
  • Handheld or fixed on bracket


Standalone mode

  • Signal measuring
  • Signal DF

Expanded mode

With terminal equipment capable of display, operation and networking on the basis of standalone mode

  • Signal measuring
  • Signal DF
  • Signal spectrum display and measuring
  • Signal scanning and search
  • GPS map
  • Evidence collection and whole-process data recording
  • Convenient vehicular application

Networking mode

To be used a node of the field mobile monitoring & DF system on the basis of expanded mode and in combination with visual radio field management system software

  • Node data sharing in the whole network with high efficiency
  • Remote monitoring and overall control by the command center


  • Frequency range: 20MHz-3GHz
  • Frequency resolution: 1Hz
  • Demodulation mode: WFM, FM, AM
  • Demodulation bandwidth: 230KHz, 50KHz, 15KHz,6KHz, 2.BKHz
  • FFT Spectrum SPAN: 5MHz-25KHz, 8 levels available
  • Level measuring accuracy:≤5 dB (RMS)
  • Signal scanning speed: 250 MHz/s
  • Signal scanning width: 800MHz
  • Level measuring range: 5-110dBuV (20MHz-1.3GHz, typical), 10-100dBuV (1.3GHz-2.3GHz, typical) , 25-100dBuV (2.3GHz-3.0GHz, typical)
  • Measurement accuracy:±3 °(horizontal or vertical)
  • Working hours :≥3h
  • Working weight :≤2kg
  • Dimensions : 580×300×100mm
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