RMDF-C1 Concealed Radio Monitoring & DF System

SW-RMC1 can effectively perform radio monitoring & DF in complicated environments such as crowded place, special occasion where the person declines to be identified and tense situation. Designed for the use in concealed conditions, all operation can be implemented on the hand held terminal interface.

Concealed Radio Monitoring & DF System


  • Easy operation
  • Small size, low power consumption
  • Easy to camouflage and carry


Standalone mode

  • Signal measurement
  • Signal DF
  • Signal scanning
  • Electronic map
  • Data recording mode

Online mode

  • Combined with online handheld terminal over 3G networks, SW-RMC1 can be used as a node of the field mobile monitoring & DF system, in c ordination with the Radio Monitoring Field Management System software
  • Node data sharing within the whole network for the purpose of increasing task efficiency
  • Remote monitoring by the command center
  • Remote operation and remote guide by experts


Receiver Specifications

  • Frequency range: 20MHz-3GHz
  • Frequency resolution:1Hz
  • Demodulation mode: FM,AM
  • Demodulating bandwidth: 230kHz, 50kHz,15kHz
  • 6kHz, 2.8kHz
  • FFT spectrum SPAN : SMHz阳25KHz, 8 levels available
  • Noise factor :≤18dB
  • Phase noise :≤80dBc/Hz (△f = 10 kHz, fc = 500MHZ)
  • Level measurement: 5-110dBuV (20MHz-1.3GHz, typical) 10-100dBuV (1.3GHz-2.3GHz, typical)
  • Range: 25-1OOdBuV(2.3GHz-3.0GHz, typical)

System specifications

  • Measurement accuracy :≤2。(horizontal or veridical)
  • Operating time :≥3h
  • Operating weight :≤2kg
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