RMDF-A1 UAV Smart Radio Monitoring & DF System

Integrated with small UAV platform and ground remote control station, TL-RMA 1 achieves radio monitoring, DF and locating in the air. All monitoring data is sent back to the ground station in a real-time manner.

Illegal Mobile Base Station Detecting & Locating System


  • Get rid of territorial constraints of the ground radio monitoring devices, and avoid interferences from barriers such as high buildings on the ground
  • Improve monitoring range and detection efficiency
  • Risen to 500m height, it can monitor the radio signal of a small city


Aerial real-time monitoring

  • Transmit monitoring data (frequency spectrum and demodulation audio) to the ground station in a real-time manner to display and play

Aerial direction finding (DF)

  • Amplitude comparison DF system is adopted to perform signal DF of a specified frequency at a set height and generate DF results automatically
  • Preform continuous DF on the specified frequency in a height section and generate an “azimuth-height” distribution diagram. The DF results are generated through selection of the height sections

Aerial cross locating

  • With built-in electronic map, the resulting azimuth of each DF can be displayed on the map automatically
  • Cross locating based on multiple DF results is achieved on the map after air DF at different sites

Flight control

  • Vertical takeoff and landing
  • Hovering
  • 360° rotation

Electronic map

  • Support vector maps
  • DF and positioning results real-time display on the map
  • Support display function of map zooming in/out, roaming and tracks

Data processing

  • Automatically save surveillance data, DF data and all fight data in real time
  • Support post operation replay



  • Maximum duration of flight :≥30 minutes
  • Max. flight altitude :≥300m
  • •Dimensions : diameter ≤1100mm,Height≤800mm (in operation).

Surveillance System

  • Frequency range : 20MHz-3GHz
  • Frequency resolution : 1Hz
  • Demodulation mode: FM, AM
  • Demodulation bandwidth : 230kHz, 50kHz, 15kHz, 6kHz, 2.8kHz
  • FFT spectrum SPAN :≤MHz
  • Noise factor :≤18dB
  • Phase noise :≤-80dBc/Hz (△f = 10 kHz, fc = 500 MHZ)
  • Level measurement accuracy:≤5 dB(RMS)
  • Level measurement range :5-110dBµV(20MHz-1.3GHz),25-1OOdBµV(1.3GHz-3GHz)
  • Accuracy of electronic compass : ±3°
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