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What is national defense, what is the meaning?

Is refers to the country to guard against and resist aggression, to stop armed subversion, terrorism, safeguard the sovereignty...

What are the range of short range radar?

It is mainly used to monitor and detect the near field, such as the individual, the crowd, the automobile, the tank, the military carrier, the helicopter and all kinds of ships and so on...

Face recognition technology is safe?

In real-time applications, the use of the black list of the target face photos in real time than the camera to capture the face image, when the success of the matching trigger alarm.

What is ground surveillance radar?

Battlefield reconnaissance radar. The detected targets include tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters and a variety of ships, personnel, etc..

Why did the us develop a radar reconnaissance system that monitors ground target

Because of the U.S. air superiority obviously, the main function of the American navy and air force in this case is to fight, especially the enemy air defense missile deployment is the most ...

Why is the warship's radar scanning capability close to the ground and the sea?

The curvature of the earth is only one of the reasons, another reason is because of the complexity of the ground and sea echo. Radar is based on the principle of electromagnetic wave...

Why do we use sonar instead of radar in the sea?

Because the electromagnetic wave in the greater the density of the media to spread faster. The sound waves are mechanical waves, the greater the density of media, the more favorable.