TCS-GSM-R Real-time Grid Frequency Monitoring System

TCS-GSM-R can perform real-time dynamic monitoring of high-speed railway GSM-R signal to master basic conditions and changes of radio frequency spectrums. It can detect and locate interference source by processing monitoring data.


  • Strong signal identification and analysis capability
  • Excellent environmental adaptability: wide temperature adaptation range, resistance against wind and snow



  • 7x24 hours continuous monitoring for GSM-R specific frequency along railways and real-time detection to interference signals
  • Capture carrier  signals, carrier-to-interference ratio signals, GSM (CDMA) signals and FM signals from uplink/downlink BCCH channels measure downlink BCCH and TCH time slot channels
  • Identify  and  decode  signals  of  GSM-R  (GSM)  and CDMA base stations 

Interference warning, checking and processing

  • Check and process interference signals(caused by equipment aging changes in station parameter settings illegal operations, etc. ) immediately by monitoring electromagnetic signals along railways  


  • Real-time: 885-889MHz/930-934MHz
  • Monitoring frequency range: 137-960MHz
  • Monitoring sensitivity:
  • -107dBm/200kHz (under standard test conditions)
  • Panoramic scanning speed:
  • 5GHz/s (under the resolution of 25kHz)
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