IDC Bandwidth Transparent Transmission Prevention

At present, most Internet Data Center (IDC) rooms use the lines of China Telecom or China Unicom to provide main access bandwidth, but there is a problem that the bandwidth resources of the two operators are illegally embezzled by small operators or competitors in the manner of VPN+NAT for long. The transparent transmission behavior of competitors poses a major threat to the operators' profitability, and seriously disturbs the order of Internet access industry, and therefore Internet supervision department has strictly prohibited Internet access providers from carrying out transparent transmission. Furthermore, it is the obligation of an IDC service provider to supervise and review the services provided by the servers of its customers. Byzoro IDC bandwidth transparent transmission prevention system can effectively monitor and count up the traffic of each server in an IDC room, and can also automatically screen out IP addresses or servers with transparent transmission behavior so that its technical staff can find out and block off transparent transmission behaviors in a timely and accurate manner.


Supported by its strong technical capacity, Byzoro IDC bandwidth transparent transmission prevention system conducts protocol identification, link tracking, traffic statistics and content scanning to mirroring data by a high-efficiency network data packet analysis algorithm, so that multi-layer traffic statistics can be conducted to all IP addresses in the IDC room or subnetworks, and the traffic statistics for part of the IP addresses can be accurate to types of application layer protocols and remote IP addresses by issuing rules. Users may conduct real-time HTTP access tracking to IP addresses with suspicious traffic characteristics in order to use the tracking result as a final evidence for executing block-off.

Functions and Characteristics

Multi-layer Traffic Statistics

With Byzoro IDC bandwidth transparent transmission prevention system, users can view the total traffic of an IP address on this day or some day in the history; meanwhile, the system can display the traffic of various protocols of an IP address in comparison or display the traffic of a protocol of each IP addresses in the IDC room in sequence. In order to increase the storage capacity, the system logs no port number or remote IP address by default, and users can click corresponding buttons on the page to issue rules to the monitoring device so as to obtain more detailed traffic information of some IP addresses.

Visualized Traffic Graph:

Users can click each traffic record to view the traffic distribution in a day.

Convenient and Flexible Device Management:

Byzoro IDC bandwidth transparent transmission prevention system supports both clustered and distributed deployments, and users can operate multiple monitoring devices by the same management platform.

Intelligent Traffic Warning Function:

On the basis of the successful experience in monitoring transparent transmission for multiple IDC rooms, an effective abnormal traffic examination algorithm is developed in Byzoro IDC bandwidth transparent transmission prevention system to screen the traffic generated at all IP addresses within subnetworks from multiple aspects in accordance with the traffic characteristics of IDC room services. Compared with manual screening, the screening method used by Byzoro system greatly reduces the screening time and has higher accuracy.

Application Cases

Solution for IDC Bandwidth Transparent Transmission Prevention

In Byzoro IDC bandwidth transparent transmission prevention system, the light of all IDC links are split; after light splitting, traffic is treated by a convergence shunt to be homologous and homoclinic, and then output to DPI device for traffic and direction analysis in order to find out abnormal traffic and unusual user behaviors in servers.

Schematic diagram of the solution:

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