Internet Behavior Management

In order to meet Internet access users' requirements for information security, standard internet behavior, network resource utilization, legal risk mitigation and Internet investment return, Byzoro develops high-performance application-delivery type PatrolFlow-AM series internet behavior management device.


The device is developed utilizing a new generation of high-performance multi-service software and hardware architecture which is uniquely innovated by Byzoro Networks and based on a many-core processor and a hardware-level information processing engine. Besides the professional Internet behavior management functions such as network application control, URL classification blocking, network information filtering, network information statistics and analysis, the device has various application delivery and value-added service capacities, such as link load balancing (inbound/outbound), network bandwidth optimization, shared internet access prevention, Web push, professional VPN and hardware firewall. Depending on the innovative software and hardware architecture, the PatrolFlow-AM product can maintain a good running state in the condition that multiple service functions are enabled at the same time, provide prominent integrated service processing capacity for users, and meet users' severe requirements for key network devices with respect to high performance, high reliability and expansibility.  

Functions and Characteristics

Innovative Hardware Architecture

The PatrolFlow-AM product, uniformly constructed on the basis of the new generation of hardware processing architecture of flexible many-core CPU+ASIC+FPGA+TCAM and the parallel multi-service BZOS software operating system, provides a network integrated service processing platform with prominent performance and meets users' severe requirements for network application and information processing device with respect to high performance, high reliability and high expansibility. 

Precise Application Identification

With intelligent mode identification technique uniquely owned by Byzoro Networks and industry-leading enhanced Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technique, PatrolFlow-AM can precisely identify all kinds of network applications and protocols (including various network applications and protocols which use leap ports or dynamic ports or which are encrypted and have proxy) and ensure the accuracy of network application control and information audit results to the maximum. 

Strong Internet Behavior Management

The device has up-to-date application identification database and URL classification database and can filter all kinds of network information (including posting on the Internet, Email, instant chat and so on) based on key words. It can also establish control strategies based on the combination of various conditions such as users, groups, time and network interfaces, and enable network managers to perform most precise and most flexible Internet behavior management to Internet users. 

Professional Information Audit

PatrolFlow-AM provides professional information audit capacity, and managers can define content audit strategy (including the depth of content audit). According to the defined audit strategy, the device records all the Internet behavior logs and network access information of users in detail and provides simple auditing log query means to help enterprise managers comprehensively grasp and quickly position the problems related to Internet behaviors and information. All the audit data can be recorded in the local hard disk of the device as well as external log servers and professional storage devices in order to increase audit data storage capacity and reliability. 

Flexible Bandwidth Management Strategy

It can provide many bandwidth management means such as maximum bandwidth, assured bandwidth, elastic bandwidth and connection bandwidth, and can also provide bandwidth management strategies implemented on the basis of the combination of several conditions such as users, applications, time and network interfaces, which meets network managers' requirements for the flexibility of users and application bandwidth management strategies. 

Perfect Link Management Means

The device can provide rich multi-WAN link access characteristics, including intelligent load balancing, link backup, strategy routing, ISP routing, etc., and can also provide an optimized solution for realizing multi-WAN access of user networks to improve output bandwidth capacity, optimize bandwidth utilization, and guarantee network connectivity and service continuity. 

Highest Investment Return

The device has various high-level network value added characteristics, including ingenious WEB push, shared internet access prevention, user authentication, VPN, etc., which can effectively protect device investment and accelerate investment return.  

Simple Device Management

The device provides a WEB management interface based on HTTPS security protocol, a command line configuration interface of CISCO style, hierarchical and decentralized device management authority, and PatrolVision centralized network management characteristic with NAT passing-through capacity, helps network managers manage PatrolFlow-AM device with ease, effectively reduces management cost, and increases management efficiency. 

Application Scenes

PatrolFlow-AM series Internet behavior management device can adapt to various scenes, and the specific schemes are as follows.  

Gateway Mode

Applicable Scenes

The device is applicable in the occasion that all the functions of audit, traffic control and gateway are desired to be completed by single device in order to reduce investment and management cost.  


All capacities of the device, such as control, management and audit, can be fully played.  

Networking Diagram

Bridging Mode 

Applicable Scenes

The device is applicable in the occasion that comprehensive audit and control over Internet data and behaviors are need but no gateway function is needed. 


1. The access of the device will basically not change the original network structure. 

2. Internet behaviors of Internet users and Internet data in and out the device can be controlled. 

3. Internet behaviors of Internet users can be comprehensively audited. 

Networking Diagram

Applicable Scenes

The device is applicable in the occasion that attention is paid to Internet content and Internet behavior audit rather than network control. 


1. The access of the device will absolutely not change the original network structure. 

2. The audit capacity of the device can be played to the maximum extent. 

Networking Diagram

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