TL-MCS GSM CDMA Mobile Phone Control System

GSM/CDMA mobile phone control system can realize GSM/CDMA mobile phone feature code acquisition and black/white-list communication control by fully acquiring and monitoring dynamic information from/to mobile phones in the coverage areas. Integrated with outdoor, portable, dispatch and standard equipment, it is suitable for VIP meeting rooms, police stations, prisons and other restricted areas.


  • Illegal mobile communication control
  • Criminals tracking
  • Cargo tracking


Automatic scanning

  • Quickly capture signature information of target
  • GSM/CDMA mobile phones, such as IMSI, IMEI, ENS and time
  • Automatically acquire base-station frequency in the monitoring areas
  • Automatically or manually set the control frequency

Mobile phone communication control

  • communication gate functions with black/white list setting block/allow specified subscribers’ communication
  • Find out the illegal mobile phones subscribers in the control areas and give alarm prompt by presetting legal mobile phone subscriber information
  • GSM control, CDMA control and GSM+CDMA control can be selected
  • Subscribers’ status query in the control area: in/out time, on/off status, time of voice calls and SMS

Call monitoring

Record mobile phone number (IMSl,IMEI) of incoming voice call’s subscribers and called-subscribers
Voice prompt or warning to subscribers when they making calls in the control areas (Optional)

SMS monitoring

Record GSM mobile phone number (IMSI and IMEI) of subscribers sending of receiving
Record actions of subscribers sending SMS

  • Display contents f SMS sent by subscribers
  • Supports send SMS with any phone number to specified  or all subscriber terminals in the control area (optional)
  • Record and display group SMS sending status and whether they are successfully received (optional)


  • Frequency Band: 900, 1800, 2100(adjustable)
  • Maximum RF power: Standard: 10w , Outdoor10w (controller) , 5w(immobilizer)
  • Capturing content: IMSI, IMEI, ESN(CDMA),time
  • Interface type: N-Female, DIN-Female, SMA-Female, 50ohm, RJ45Ethernet port
  • Protection Degree: Indoor: IP40  Outdoor: lp65
  • Power supply:220VAC(220±60VAC/50±5Hz)
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