Illegal Mobile Base Station

Integrated with monitoring center, fixed detecting equipment, mobile detecting equipment and portable detecting equipment, illegal mobile base detecting & locating system can detect, monitor and locate fixed and mobile illegal mobile base stations accurately and rapidly.

Illegal Mobile Base Station Detecting & Locating System


  • High accuracy detecting 。f illegal mobile base station
  • Variety of detecting equipment to suit for different situation
  • High integration, small size, light weight, simple installation and good concealment


  • Decode and display address information of the legal mobile base station
  • Collect the coordinates of legal mobile base station and establish mobile station database automatically
  • Detect illegal mobile station automatically and warn with voice and displaying on electronic map
  • Electromagnetic environment scanning for each channel in the GSM900/1800 band
  • Decode the BCCH channel of illegal mobile station and measure parameters: uplink/downlink frequency, LAC Cl etc.
  • With slot lock function the detection will not be affected by the amount of short message send by illegal mobile station the accuracy of signal direction determination improved


  • Frequency range: GSM900, DSM1800
  • Sensitivity: -105dBm/200kHz
  • Channel scanning speed :﹣145channels/ s
  • Mobile base station signal search speed :≤1 minute
  • Illegal mobile base station detecting accuracy≥99.9%
  • Illegal mobile base station detecting time:
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