MEC520 Mobile Communication

MEC520 Mobile Communication Encryptor is a hardware encryption device that can effectively protect users' mobile call security. Based on world-leading AMSI digital modulation technology and 100% digital voice encryption technology, MEC520 achieves end-to-end encrypted calls over the GSM/WCDMA voice channel, and supports for encrypted communication with Crypto Phone and Landline Encryptor.


Following the low-sensitivity design concept, there is no keyboard and screen for MEC520. It is used as an accessory device for iPhone or Android mobile phones. Settings and the encrypted calls’ calling/answering are all operated by a special APP via Bluetooth. All these designs make many advantages such as small size, convenient carrying, concealed using, etc.

Main Features

  • As an accessory device for iPhone or Android phones, MEC520 needs an independent SIM card.
  • Supports encrypted calls over GSM, WCDMA/UMTS cellular network* .
  • With encrypted SMS function.
  • Encrypted calls are not restricted by carriers and regions.
  • Supports encrypted communication with Crypto Phone and Landline Encryptor.
  • Low sensitivity design, card size, convenient and concealed carrying .

The most reliable calls privacy protection

Protecting against any form of line eavesdropping

  • 100% digital voice encryption technology, without any understanding residues.
  • ECDH key exchange, AES-256, CTR mode cryptographic algorithm, real- time secret key replacement is up to 5 times per second.
  • End-to-end voice encryption communication that does not rely on carriers or thirty-party security services.

Compatible with the Landline Encryptor

Make encrypted communication between landline and mobile phone possible

Easy to use

Uses eCalls App to make/answer encrypted calls

  • Inserts the SIM card into the MEC520; installs the eCalls app in a regular smartphone and connect to the MEC520 through Bluetooth.
  • Operates the eCalls APP to dial the number of the remote MEC520.
  • The remote user operates the eCalls to answer the incoming call, and the two parties of MEC520 will start to establish a secure link automatically.
  • After the secure link established, users can start talking in encrypted mode. If the secure link cannot be established, the calls will be hanged up directly

Use MEC520, Activate your exclusive security number

Separates normal/encrypted calls, make encrypted

  • Equivalent to a dedicated secure phone, using an independent number.
  • Only encrypted calls are supported, and clear calls are automatically hanged up to ensure separation of normal and encrypted calls.
  • Calling/Answering of encrypted calls is operated by APP, without direct operation of the device. The encrypted call process is hidden, that makes you calm and natural in any situation.


  • Network3G:900/2100
  • Voice Encrypted algorithmAES 256 , CTR modle
  • Key exchange algorithmECDH
  • coding bit rate of encrypted speech1.2kbps
  • Encrypted SMSSupport
  • App communicationBluetooth 4.0 BLE
  • Dimension84 X 55 X 14mm
  • Battery1200mAh
  • EnduranceCalls: 2h, Standby: 24h
  • eCalls App OS supportiOS 9.0/10/11/12
    Android 5.0 or higher

It is recommended to choose a carrier that supports WCDMA/UMTS network as a priority.

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