Landline Encryptor 100


  • Guard-style design, supports ordinary 2-wire or 4-wire analog phone.
  • End to end digital voice encryption technology.
  • Based on the advanced AMSI modem technology to achieve data communication, supports soft switching network.
  • Supports global local and long-distance call, and is intercommunicated with Crypto Phone for encrypted calls.
  • Automatically adjusts the voice quality of the encrypted call according to the line condition, to ensure the smooth of encrypted calls maximally.

The most reliable calls privacy protection

  • 100% digital voice encryption technology, without any understanding residues.
  • 256-bit ECDH key exchange algorithm.
  • AES-256 CTR mode cryptographic algorithm, real-time key replacement is up to 5 times per second.
  • Supports users to replace third-party cryptographic algorithms.
  • End-to-end encrypted voice communication, effectively prevent parallel wiretapping, direct wiretapping, electromagnetic signal analysis, cross talking and other lines eavesdropping.

A new generation of landline encryption product

Using AMSI* modem technology to transmit encrypted speech encoded data, It avoids the phenomenon of higher failure rate of digital channel establishment and frequent interruption of encrypted calls using the traditional Modem technology. Integrated high-quality voice coding, environmental noise cancellation, and line echo cancellation technology for a clear and smooth encrypted

  • Supports all types of circuit switching and NGN soft switching system.
  • Unique RAEC digital line echo cancellation technology, effectively solves the problem of 2-wire and 4-wire signal interference.
  • Fast channel training technology, shorter time of secure link establishment.
  • High-quality vocoder algorithm, better quality of encrypted voice.

Compatible with the SEM1 Crypto Phone

Make encrypted communication between landline and mobile phone possible

Easy to use

No settings, Plug and play

  • Connect the Landline Encryptor in front of the ordinary phone in series by both sides of the call.
  • Make/Answer calls, start normal communication.
  • Either side can press the encryption button to establish encrypted calls channel. Start encrypted communication after hearing the indication voice “now is in encrypted communication”.
  • During the encrypted communication, either side can press the encryption button to return to the normal communication.
  • During the normal and encrypted communication, both sides can hang up directly.


  • Voice Encryption algorithmAES-256, CTR mode
  • Key exchange algorithmECDH
  • Voice coding2.4kbps/1.2kbps adaptive
  • Switching time<10 seconds
  • Speech enhancementnoise suppression, echo cancellation
  • line interfaceRJ11
  • Phone interfaceRJ11
  • Dimension110 x 80 x 25mm, 300g
  • Power supply5V/1A Specified power adapter
  • Operating environment0°C to +60°C
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