Security Encryption System

The data encryption during the communication is important. Nowadays, the traditional protection such as firewall, intrusion detection, the anti-virus software can not satisfy the demand of increasing security. Data encryption system is launched for information security protection, which can offer security communication environment for government, military, and enterprises, and prevent the spy agency from achieving the information. The system can be applied to the satellite communication network and the territory network.

Main Features

  • High Security
  • High Reliability
  • IP Data Encryption and Decryption
  • Remote Managing and Control of Cipher Equipment
  • Support Standard Algorithm and Customized Algorithm
  • Physical Access Anti-invasion

System Composition

Security encryption system is composed of Security Data Management Center(SDMC) and many encryption and decryption equipment of SIT(EDESIT), and SDMC including: key management equipment (KME) and cipher test sub system(CTS).

Technical Specifications

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