Long Range Acoustic Device for second generation

The world has just witnessed a new turn of chaos and conflicts which are quite different from what governments of each state had expected as they used to. This chaos and conflict are not a war against invading military forces, but led by civilians and citizens. It is very hard to compromise between social control and democracy since government has to take some action to keep social order. This embarrassment is deteriorating the interior situation of one country and even led to governments collapse of several countries. Therefore, the demand of some high-tech measurement to handle some sudden incident in critical situation without killing is becoming more and more important.


Modern lethal weapons are powerful and useful, but not for all cases. In many situations and sudden incidents killing is not wanted, such as illegal gathering, crowd riot and violence or even expelling pirates. Deadly weapon in these cases actually causes more trouble. While traditional non-lethal weapons, such as rubber bullet, tear bomb, anti-riot water cannon and electric baton are still symbols of violence, they physically contact human body and deteriorate the tension situation.

Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) is a kind of acoustic denail emitter with transducer array. It directs sound beam with ultrahigh pressure to crowd. People within the beam hear unbearable high noise, with various warning voice, they are shocked psychologically and physiologically and lose the will and capability to continue the riot and violence.

Moreover, the device can play various sound signal with MP3 format, including sensitive acoustic frequencies for human being and most birds. It is thus very applicable to expelling mobs in designated place and driving birds away for special purpose such as airfield clearance.

The LRAD is actually a nonlethal equipment and is safe when properly used to both those in the beam and the operator. It will not cause permanent harm or injury to human body.

LRAD is compact and light weight, with good extendability and low power consumption, without pollution to environment while conducting the attacking. It is man-portable, mounted on vehicle or fixed to protecte high value target.


  • Give quick and clear warning against person and vehicle from far distance;
  • Give warning against sudden incident (such as illegal gathering, riot and violence, malice approaching and invading).
  • Unbearable noise wave against illegal approaching or invading ships to conquer their crews.
  • Control judicially detained and jailed persons and guarding.
  • Communication and coordination on site in case of rescuing for natural disaster.
  • Terrorists defending, hostage crisis and organized terrors.
  • Coast and boarder defending against illegal crossing over


LRAD consists of acoustic array (main part), MP3 controller, microphone and associated cables.

  • Acoustic array: transmits directional sound beam of great intensity and focuses sound energy.
  • MP3 controller: selects and plays audio files of MP3 format and sends the files to sound energy array for transmitting.
  • Microphone: voice communicating and warning, sending to sound energy array for transmitting.
  • Positioner: adjust the pointing of the system.

Technical Specifications

  • Descriptions
  • specifications
  • Maximum sound pressure level
  • 151dB
  • Attacking range
  • 150m
  • Maximum communication range
  • 1000m
  • Beam width and shape
  • 10~20°
  • Descriptions
  • specifications
  • Frequency range
  • 500Hz~5000Hz
  • Power consumption
  • 2 amps, 800W
  • Dimension
  • <Φ0.65m×0.25m
  • Weight
  • 30kg
  • Descriptions
  • specifications
  • Input power
  • 200~240V,AC 50~60Hz
  • Operation temperature
  • -10 C°~+50C°
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