ED-I Explosives Detector User Manual

ED-I explosives detector with high sensitivity, used to detect hidden explosives has been created, which was based on the monolayer sensing films chemically fabricated by self-assembling of fluorescent conjugated polymers. The fluorescence is quenched upon binding to target analysis. Additionally, ED-I detectors can detect more than 40 types of explosives, including military explosives, civil explosives and other important explosive intermediates. The ED-I detector is one of the explosive detectors which have the superior performances with lightest weight, smallest volume and shortest response time in the market.

Working Principle

ED-I is a hidden explosives vapor & particle detection equipment by us.

The core technology is fluorescence sensing technique. Upon the explosive molecules bind to fluorescent polymers, the fluorescent polymers stop emitting light, resulting in a rapid decrease in overall fluorescence quenching. The suspected target is detected with high sensitivity through the change of optical properties.


  • Easy to operate with little training.
  • Capacity of detecting more than 40 types of explosives and their intermediates including aromatics, nitroamines, nitroaromatics and homemade explosives.
  • Advanced fluorescence technology, no radioactive source.
  • Two kinds of work-mode: non-contact vapor sampling mode & contact wipe sampling mode.
  • Sensing elements reusable within the period of validity.
  • Short response time.
  • Portable, low power consumption & long working hours.
  • Good environmental adaptability.
  • Support for explosives classification and online-upgrade.
  • Structural design for industrial grade.

Technical Parameters

  • Radioactive Source No
  • Detectable Explosives40 kinds of explosive intermediates including military, civilian and locally made explosives.
  • Sampling ModeNon-contact vapor sampling mode & contact wipe sampling mode.
  • Classification of ExplosivesYes
  • Online upgradeYes
  • Alarm ModeSound alarm mode and wireless alarm mode
  • Detection Limit≤ 10-12 g(TNT)
  • Response Time≤ 10 s
  • Warm-up time≤ 30 s
  • False-alarm rate≤ 1%
  • Sensing ElementReusable within the period of validity
  • Self-cleaning Time≤ 15 s
  • Display screen3.0 inch industrial-grade color semitransparent screen
  • PortUSB
  • Data storage capability100000
  • Weight≤ 1.2 Kg
  • Energy consumption≤ 4.5 W
  • Battery capacity7800 mAh
  • Continuous working time≥ 15 h
  • Working environment conditionWorking temperature range:-20℃~55 ℃
    Recommended working temperature range: 20℃~40 ℃
  • Wireless earphoneWorking time:≥4 h Stand-by time:≥12 h
    Communication distance:≤15 meters (without blocking)
  • Storage conditionIn a clean, dry and ventilated place, Temperature:-10℃~55 ℃ Humidity:≤95%
  • Dimensions315 mm×109 mm×65.5 mm
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